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Here at Muscle & Joint Chiropractic, we strive to provide the superior services that you need to restore your body to superior health. The body inherently has incredible healing capacities, but sometimes it needs a little help to keep up with the strain that is regularly placed on your muscles and joints. The appropriate treatments can help enhance your body’s natural healing capabilities, which will speed up the healing process and alleviate pain in Tooele.

What is AMIT in Tooele

AMIT stands for advanced muscle integration technique. This method of treatment uses a systematic approach to treat many common joint and muscle conditions. Ultimately, AMIT takes the idea that muscle weakness will ultimately lead to joint instability. Instabilities almost always lead to injury.

It is important to look at each piece together to cure the original concern and enable healing. With alternative methods, pain may be alleviated, but the root problem isn’t necessarily addressed.

The Benefits of AMIT

When the original problem isn’t resolved, the pain will eventually resurface. The use of AMIT helps to accelerate healing. It can be used to predict and prevent injury because it examines the stability of the joints and the condition of the muscles. AMIT not only helps to resolve problems and alleviate pain quickly, but it also prevents the injury from resurfacing. AMIT is particularly beneficial for those with active lifestyles that may put substantial amounts of strain on their bodies.

Here at Muscle & Joint Chiropractic, we practice AMIT to help restore your body to optimal health. We focus on ensuring that you are able to get out of pain and stay out of pain. Our strategies are designed to provide lasting results to prevent the problem from resurfacing. We are also able to educate you regarding the ideal way to move in order to prevent further injury from occurring. Contact us at Muscle & Joint Chiropractic to learn more about AMIT.


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