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Many problems that are associated with chronic pain reside in the nervous system. Functional neurology is a strategy that has been devised to combat these issues with specific treatment and strategies that are designed to improve the way the nervous system functions. This type of treatment takes the view that the nervous system is a changeable, modifiable thing that can be improved with the appropriate care. To meet the needs of your nervous system and specific situation, we have an ARP Wave Machine in our office to optimize your treatment methods. Our Tooele Chiropractor can help you!

What is an ARP Wave Machine in Tooele?

Most issues can be traced back to the nervous system. This means that Neurotherapy that targets the nervous system can be used to treat a large variety of conditions. This includes problems that are physical or mental, as well as those that are caused by medical conditions or injuries.

An ARP Wave Machine is implemented to help target the nervous system and implement new, stronger connections in the brain. This can go a long way toward helping with chronic joint or muscle pain, which can greatly enhance your quality of life.

Our ARP Wave Machine

The ARP Wave Machine goes a long way toward enhancing the functionality of the nervous system and ensuring that it is able to operate as effectively as possible. Pain occurs in many different ways and due to many different conditions. Implementing the right neurotherapy strategies can help you to reduce and even alleviate your pain, restoring your life to its former quality.

Here at Muscle & Joint Chiropractic, we strive to provide you with all of the techniques that you need to optimize your health. Functional neurology can help to improve the nervous system and reduce the amounts of pain that you experience. To learn more about functional neurology, contact us at Muscle & Joint Chiropractic today!


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