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Looking at muscles and joints as a whole is the most effective way to prevent further injuries from occurring in Tooele. Here at Muscle & Joint Chiropractic, we practice a unique approach that integrates the various components to optimize the final outcome. If one symptom is treated but the problem isn’t resolved, the issue is likely to resurface over time. This will simply result in prolonged pain.

Our Approach to Pain Relief in Tooele

Our approach is designed to get you out of pain and ensure that you remain out of pain. We don’t believe in a temporary fix to alleviate pain, but not treat the underlying problem. Our unique approach is used to treat both the muscles and joints to restore the functionality of the body.

We treat both muscle and joint dysfunction to maintain optimal health. If only one segment is treated but not the other, the problem may resurface over time. A holistic approach can help to resolve the issue, rather than simply masking the symptoms.

Our Philosophy

The body contains a substantial amount of self-healing capabilities. Occasionally, the body requires a little bit of assistance to optimize its healing ability. We believe in working closely with many different fields to ensure optimal health for you and your particular situation.

Adjustments and freeing up of the joints can provide many benefits for an individual. We believe in results-driven methods to enhance your outcome. Improvement is generally seen within the first few visits with us.

We strive to relieve your pain and keep you out of future pain. We address both structural and muscle dysfunction to provide superior, lasting results.

How AMIT can help Muscles and Joints

AMIT stands for advanced muscle integration technique. This approach to chiropractic treatment looks at the muscles and joints as a collective component. It is necessary to resolve issues with each of these components to restore the health of each.

When a muscle is weak, it will cause the joint to become unstable. This will lead to injury. Caring for both muscle and joint problems is important in preventing the issues from resurfacing and resolving the issue rather than masking the symptoms.

AMIT is often used to help accelerate healing and reduce pain. It takes a holistic approach to wellness to ensure the best condition possible. We strive to not only relieve your pain but also to keep the pain from resurfacing.

Our method of treatment will help to restore your body to excellent condition. To learn more about our practice and how AMIT works, contact us at Muscle & Joint Chiropractic today.


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