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Do you have aches and pains limiting your ability to compete, work, exercise, or play? Dr. Marty Rueckert helps the people of Tooele County get the care they need to move through life, free from pain.

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"I cannot recommend Dr. Rueckert and Injury Recovery Clinics enough. You will not be disappointed. Treatment is not what you expect and results don't lie, and Dr. Rueckert gets results."

Ben Gasser


"Dr. Marty is incredible! My youngest son  had buckle fractures in both legs after he landed badly on his dirt bike. After the buckle fractures healed, he still had significant pain in both ankles that limited his ability to walk/run.

We were told he had severely damaged the cartilage and soft tissue in his ankles when he fractured his legs and it would likely be months before he could return to normal activity. Two visits with Marty and he has ZERO pain in either ankle! He's running and able to work out like he did before the injury. His recovery time was significantly decreased and I credit Dr. Marty 100%."

Camie S.


"I’m a college athlete who has had multiple sports injuries. With each injury Dr. Marty has treated me for, I have been able to get back to full health quicker then I ever have before"

Demetruis R.


"Marty and the team are different than other Chiropractors. They are less focused on making money and seeing you routinely and more focused on helping you recover and live a healthy life. They go above and beyond to make you feel cared about."

Max S.


"Marty is skilled at his craft and has helped my body to recover from injury in an incredibly short timeframe so as to enable me to pursue my physical goals. I definitely will be returning to him for any additional future needs!"

Matt Findlay


Meet Your Tooele, Utah Chiropractic Physician.

Dr. Marty Rueckert discovered the importance of a good chiropractor while suffering from a chronic sports injury in high school. He drove an hour to see the chiropractor for the Utah Jazz and had a full recovery. Since then Dr. Rueckert has trained in facilities that help people recover in record timing. He brings years of practice and quality care to his people of Tooele County. 

Dr. Rueckert grew up in Stansbury Park While attending Grantsville High School where he excelled as a four-sport athlete and as student body president. He now resides in Stansbury Park with his wife Cindy and two children Ellen and Rusty.

Dr. Marty Rueckert and his son.

See Dr. Marty at Our Clinic located within the Tooele VASA Fitness

Muscle & Joint Chiropractic

Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays

250 North Main Street, Tooele Utah

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Receive Rapid Recovery Tips

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