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Chiropractic Tooele UT Functional Neurology

Functional neurology is a relatively new concept in the industry and if often referred to as chiropractic neurology. Ultimately, it is a specialized area of chiropractic treatment that embodies the idea that the body is capable of providing substantial amounts of self-healing and resolving possible issues. Functional neurology in Tooele looks at the nervous system as a changeable, moldable thing that can be improved and changed with the appropriate treatment.

Functional Neurology can help to reduce pain in both the joints and muscles and essentially resets the nervous system. It creates new pathways that help to improve the functionality of the nervous system.

What is Neuroplasticity in Tooele?

Neuroplasticity is the idea that the brain is capable of changing with the right techniques. In general, the more you use a particular portion of the brain, the stronger that portion will become. Neuroplasticity practices the idea that the brain is “plastic” and can be molded to provide a specific function. This concept is one of the key components of functional neurology.

Functional neurology uses rehabilitation strategies to alter the connections of the nervous system. This can go a long way toward minimizing symptoms and repairing neurological conditions. It helps to increase the number of connections and improve the functionality of the brain.

ARP Wave Machine

Here at Muscle & Joint Chiropractic, we have an ARP Wave Machine to optimize our functional neurology treatments. This machine helps to reduce chronic pain by targeting the pathways of the nervous system. With the proper use of this machine, new pathways can be created and strengthened to minimize the presence of chronic pain. This goes a long way toward improving your quality of life.

We strive to provide you with all of the services that you need to eliminate pain and get your life back on track. Nearly every cause of the pain can ultimately be traced back to the nervous system, whether physical or mental.

When you focus on improving the nervous system, you can eliminate the cause of pain and maintain a much more fulfilling lifestyle. To learn more about functional neurology and how we implement treatment in our office, contact our experts today.


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