Got low back pain? You may have the sitting disease.

Do you have the sitting disease?

Did you know that sitting for too many hours each day has the same risk factors for dying as being obese or smoking?

We Are Sitting Too Much

The average American now spends between 6-13 hours a day seated. Our bodies are designed to move. Think about your chiseled ancestor running around half-naked hunting wild boars and harvesting wild berries. Things have changed.

A sedentary lifestyle causes muscles in your glutes and abdominals to weaken. Low back and chest muscles tighten, pulling and wreaking havoc on your spine. This can lead to back pain caused by microtrauma.

You don’t need a car accident or serious impact to sustain a painful back injury. Microtrauma from something as simple as sitting wrong at your desk is enough to do it.

At no point in history have people ever sat around as much as they do now — and it’s killing us.

But what can you do? Your job requires working at a computer, which requires sitting at a desk. Or does it?

The Solution: Get Up and Move!

Try a standing desk or set up your workstation on top of a treadmill. You don’t have to go for a run while you work, simply walking at a leisurely pace is preferable to sitting. If you are able to walk while you make phone calls, then pace up and down the hallway.

 Who knows? You might even lose that extra ten pounds that have been bugging you.

If you absolutely need that toosh of yours glued to a seat, buy an ergonomic chair and learn how to sit correctly. Proper posture can help to protect your spine. Engaging your abdominal muscles while seated helps to strengthen them while still sitting and getting your work done. You can also buy this inflatable disc to place on your seat to help distribute weight differently throughout the day, saving chronically tight muscles you may have.

Research indicates that merely engaging in moderate physical activity for 60-75 minutes a day can counteract the negative effects of sitting for hours on end. That’s good news! In fact, I have seen patients who do only 7 minutes of any type of exercise see fantastic improvement in the low back, neck, midback, and many other pains!

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