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Understanding and Preventing Your Low Back Pain

About 80% of Americans suffer debilitating low back pain at some point in their life. This fact is staggering, yet it doesn’t have to be this common. Sometimes low back pain is unavoidable after automobile accidents and other unpredictable injuries. However, for most people the key to staying out of low back pain is Prevention. Bad positioning during common activities such as brushing your teeth, bending over, picking up a small child, exercising and sitting can be a common culprit for low back pain.

The low back or lumbar spine is meant to have a natural curve to it that displaces the forces of gravity, weight, etc. evenly and minimally. When this natural curve is straightened, or reduced your body absorbs force differently. Forces absorbed from everyday activities will result in pressure and stress on discs, muscles, and ligaments of the low back. For example, sitting without maintaining the natural curve increases the forces on those structures by 30-40%!

Correct movement and avoiding dangerous positions for your low back will improve your quality of life and decrease pain. For example; bending, rotating and lifting doubles your risk of herniating a disk in the low back.

If you need help with treatment, prevention, and proper movement, schedule a visit with Dr. Marty Rueckert at Muscle and Joint Chiropractic in Tooele, Utah.